/leɪ / (say lay)

verb (laid, laying)
verb (t)
1. to put or place in a position of rest or recumbency: to lay a book on a desk.
2. to bring, throw, or beat down, as from an erect position: to lay a person low.
3. to cause to subside: to lay the dust.
4. to allay, appease, or suppress.
5. to smooth down or make even: to lay the nap of cloth.
6. to bury.
7. to bring forth and deposit (an egg or eggs).
8. to deposit as a wager; stake; bet: I'll lay you ten to one.
9. to place, set, or cause to be in a particular situation, state, or condition: she laid her hand on his cheek.
10. to place before a person, or bring to a person's notice or consideration: he laid his case before the commission.
11. to put to; place in contiguity; apply: to lay a hand on a child.
12. to set (a trap, etc.).
13. to place or locate (a scene): the second act is laid in France.
14. to present, bring forward, or prefer, as a claim, charge, etc.
15. to impute, attribute, or ascribe.
16. to impose as a burden, duty, penalty, or the like: to lay an embargo on shipments of oil.
17. to bring down (a stick, etc.), as on a person, in inflicting punishment.
18. to dispose or place in proper position or in an orderly fashion: to lay bricks.
19. to set (a table).
20. to form by twisting strands together, as a rope.
21. to place on or over a surface, as paint; cover or spread with something else.
22. to devise or arrange, as a plan.
23. Nautical to head a ship towards (an object or compass point), especially on the closest course it will make to the wind.
24. to adjust (a gun) for direction and elevation before firing.
25. to put (dogs) on a scent.
26. Colloquial (taboo) to have sexual intercourse with.
verb (i)
27. to lay eggs.
28. to wager or bet.
29. Nautical to take a specified position.
30. the way or position in which a thing is laid or lies.
31. (in ropemaking) the quality of a fibre rope characterised by the degree of twist, the angles formed by the strands, and the fibres in the strands.
32. a share of the profits or the catch of a whaling or fishing voyage, distributed to officers and crew.
33. Colloquial (taboo)
a. an act of sexual intercourse.
b. a sexual partner (in contexts where performance, willingness, etc., is evaluated): a good lay; an easy lay.

34. lay aboard, Nautical (of a boat) to come alongside a ship.
35. lay about, to deal or aim blows at.
36. lay a ghost,
a. to cause a ghost to cease haunting a site.
b. to settle some unresolved issue in one's past so that it ceases to cause anxiety.
c. to disprove a rumour or allay fears.
37. lay an egg, Colloquial
a. World War I to drop a bomb.
b. World War II to lay a mine.
c. to defecate.
d. to be a failure, as in the theatre.
38. lay bare, to expose.
39. lay down,
a. to put (something) down on the ground; to relinquish.
b. to record (speech, a track of music, etc.) on a tape or disc.
40. lay down one's arms, to surrender.
41. lay hands on,
a. to assault.
b. to attempt to heal by placing one's hands on, so as to impart spiritual strength.
c. to locate and obtain.
42. lay hold of (or on), to grasp; seize; catch.
43. lay in,
a. to build up a store of (provisions, etc.).
b. Nautical to move along a yard, towards the mast.
44. lay in (there), Colloquial to maintain a course of action despite opposition, setbacks, etc.
45. lay into, Colloquial
a. to attack physically or verbally.
b. to apply oneself vigorously to.
46. lay it on, Colloquial to chastise someone.
47. lay it on (with a trowel){{}} (or a bit thick), Colloquial to exaggerate.
48. lay off,
a. to put aside.
b. to dismiss, often permanently as in retrenchment, as an employee.
c. to mark or plot off.
d. Colloquial to desist.
e. Colloquial to cease to annoy (someone).
f. Horseracing (of a bookmaker) to make a bet with another bookmaker to cover projected losses on a race.
g. to protect a bet or speculation by taking some off-setting risk.
49. lay on, to provide or supply.
50. lay oneself open, to expose oneself (to adverse criticism or the like).
51. lay one's hands on, to obtain; find: I just can't lay my hands on it at the moment.
52. lay out,
a. to extend at length.
b. to spread out to the sight, air, etc.; spread out in order.
c. to stretch out and prepare (a body) for burial.
d. Colloquial to expend (money) for a particular purpose.
e. to exert (oneself) for some purpose, effect, etc.
f. to plot or plan out.
g. Nautical to move along a yard, away from the mast.
h. to strike down, especially to knock unconscious.
53. lay siege to, to besiege.
54. lay someone low, Colloquial to make someone ill; weaken someone: the flu laid him low for three weeks.
55. lay to, Nautical
a. to check the motion of (a ship).
b. to put (a ship, etc.) in a dock or other place of safety.
56. lay up,
a. to put away, as for future use; store up.
b. to cause to remain in bed or indoors through illness or injury: *Grandfather came galloping in from Thylungra to find his brother-in-law laid up with a wound that was to leave an impression on his skull for life. –mary durack, 1959.
57. lay waste to, to devastate.
58. point of lay, the moment when a chicken is ready to start laying eggs.
{Middle English lay(en), legge(n), Old English lecgan (causative of licgan lie2); def. 48d and def. 48e US slang (early 1900s)
Usage: Lay and lie are sometimes confused. In standard usage, lie is intransitive, as in the dog lies on the bed, the papers are lying on the floor, while lay is commonly transitive, as in he's laying the table, I want to lay my case before you. The past of lie is (somewhat unhelpfully) lay, as in the dog lay on the bed all night, while the past of lay is laid, as in he laid the table, she laid her cards on the table.
[c]/leɪ / (say lay)

past tense of lie2.
/leɪ / (say lay)

1. belonging to, relating to, or performed by the people or laity, as distinguished from the clergy: a lay sermon.
2. not belonging to, connected with, or proceeding from a profession, especially the law or medicine.
{Middle English laye, from Old French lai, from Late Latin lāicus laic}
/leɪ / (say lay)

1. a short narrative or other poem, especially one to be sung.
2. a song.
{Middle English lai, from Old French, ? of Germanic origin; compare Old High German leich song}
/leɪ / (say lay)

ley line.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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